CB2 Finds Success
with Same Day Social CTV Creative

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CB2 is known for its unique take on design where home is the place where personal style comes to life. The retailer recently launched its new fall collection with unique but timeless pieces. The best way to showcase these new items has been through social video. But how was the retail brand to get the word out to its audience outside of the walled gardens?

Since CB2 prides itself on empowering its customers to bring their personal styles to life in their homes, the retailer needed to reach audiences in that same environment through the largest screen in the home. However, it needed to avoid establishing a negative perception of its brand due to ad frequency and creative wearout.

Enter Spaceback. CB2 could leverage its social video content promoting the new fall collection by producing authentic recreations of social video in Spaceback’s platform. Due to the nature of Spaceback’s technology, CB2 could extend its Facebook video ads across premium streaming apps on CTV the same day the campaign launched on Facebook. This strategy allowed CB2 to reach more audiences in a timely manner for this fall campaign while avoiding creative wearout. Its audience could now view several  Facebook video social experiences on the TV screen.

We’ve already seen success from social extension in native display with Spaceback, and we expect to garner more information about growth drivers from the channel in the months ahead.
– Tobin Schiller
Vice President of Marketing at CB2