Primally Pure Sees Significant Reduction
in Cost per Site Visit

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Primairement pur

Wellness • Skincare


Cost-per-Site Vist (CPSV) below average


Primally Pure exists to get natural skincare products into the hands of people all over the world. Even more importantly, the beauty brand's goal is to equip people with the knowledge they need to improve their skin and live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Primally Pure’s strategy to drive increased brand awareness and website traffic through CTV advertising faced the real challenge of high TV creative production costs that result in only one or two traditional TV commercials.

The natural skincare company, however, has a significant influencer marketing presence on TikTok. In collaboration with MuteSix and Spaceback, Primally Pure leveraged Social CTV to bring its top performing Influencer content from TikTok to the biggest screen in the home.

In addition to successfully driving awareness through improved Video Completion Rates (VCR), the Social CTV asset yielded significant improvements to Cost per Site Visit (CPSV) across coveted inventory partners, like Discovery+, NBC Peacock, Samsung TV Plus, and The Roku Channel, relative to the two other traditional TV commercials.

Working with Spaceback to seamlessly launch our most engaging social media content across our programmatic campaigns has driven better results while perfectly mirroring our brand's positioning.

These creatives have quickly outperformed our other programmatic assets, further emphasizing the power of socially native content, social proof and a cohesive brand message. We look forward to bringing many more new social display features to market in partnership with Spaceback.
– Dinah Chapman
Marketing Director at Primally Pure